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Il existe deux B.O pour le film Twilight, le premier est une compilation avec des artistes variées comme Muse ou Paramore. La deuxième B.O qui s'intitule Twilight "The Score" regroupe les musiques composées par Carter Burwell.


Twilight : original motion picture soundtrack




Sortie en Novembre 2008

1. Supermassive Black Hole / Muse

2. Decode / Paramore

3. Full Moon / The Black Ghosts

4. Leave out all the rest / Linkin Park

                                                              5. Spotlight (Twilight mix) / Mutemath

                                                              6. Go all the way (into the Twilight) / Perry Farrell

                                                              7. Tremble for my beloved / Collective Soul

                                                              8. I caught myself / Paramore

                                                              9. Eyes on fire / Blue Foundation

                                                             10. Never think / Rob Pattinson

                                                             11. Flightless bird. American mouth / Iron and Wine

                                                             12. Bella's Lullaby / Carter Burwell


Twilight : The score, music by Carter Burwell




1. How I Would Die

2.Who are they?

3. Treaty

4. Phascination Phase

5. Humans are predators too

                                                             6. I dreamt of Edward

                                                             7. I Know what you are

                                                            8. The most dangerous predator

                                                            9. The skin of a killer

                                                           10. The lion fell in love with the lamb

                                                           11. Complications

                                                           12. Dinner with his family

                                                           13. I would be the meal

                                                           14. Bella's Lullaby

                                                           15. Nomads

                                                           16. Stuck her like Mom

                                                           17. Bella is part of the family

                                                           18. Tracking

                                                           19. In place of someone you love

                                                           20. Showdown in the Ballet studio

                                                           21. Edward at her bed



Paramore - image du clip Decode


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